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Management Personnel
  • Management Personnel

Careers on Shore

Management Personnel

Are you a qualified professional ? If you’re looking to manage and act as a leader for staff in the Maritime Industry, there are a significant number of interesting career opportunities that are integral for ensuring the smooth running of an industry, in which there is no shortage of challenges.


As part of a management team, you will have a chance to work as an Administrator, Executive Director, Communications Specialist, in Human Resources, IT, as a Desk Officer, Purchasing Clerk, Accounting Technician, and many other fields that are crucial in the Maritime Industry.

The maritime sector is an exciting industry where there are plenty of challenges. You won’t have a chance to get bored because routine is almost non-existent.

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Detailed profile


  • Job environment


  • Main tasks
    and responsibilities

    Variable depending on the position

  • Prerequisites

    Variable depending on the position

  • Training

    DVS, DCS or Bachelor depending on the position

  • Schedule


  • Salary range

    Variable depending on the position

  • Distinctive element

    Don’t let your inexperience with the Maritime Industry hold you back from applying for a management position ! The staff in place will help you with the industry’s basics. They may even give you a little bit of introductory training. You will quickly develop a fascination for the Maritime Industry !

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Learn more about careers on shore

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