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Marine Health and Safety Specialist
  • Marine Health and Safety Specialist

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Marine Health and Safety Specialist

Are rigour and prevention of work accidents values that ring true for you? If you want a career that makes a real difference in a company and for its employees, a career as Marine Health and Safety Specialist will offer you challenges that fit the bill!


As a part of your role, you will ensure that employees use safe working methods and safe equipment by raising awareness, giving training sessions and conducting on-site supervision.

You will help develop health and safety procedures and policies, risk assessments, verify that equipment is of high quality and that it complies with established standards.

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Detailed profile


  • Job environment

    Port environment

  • Main tasks
    and responsibilities

    Ensure the health and safety of employees in the workplace at all times

  • Prerequisites

    Knowledge of federal and provincial health and safety regulations and safe work equipment and techniques, in addition to a Secondary 5 diploma

  • Training

    Bachelor’s degree in human resource management, occupational health and safety certificate or job training

  • Schedule


  • Salary range

    $60,000$ to $90,000

  • Distinctive element

    The Marine Health and Safety Specialist, sometimes called a Safety Practitioner, is crucial in the marine environment where hazardous work situations do occur. Vigilance is required at all times.

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