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Control room technician
  • Control room technician

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Control room technician

Does the marine industry interest you? Do you have strong analytical skills? Take up the challenges that await you in the control room.


As Control Room Technician, you will have to monitor and control the handling equipment using automated systems.

As the person who manages the conveyor system during the loading and unloading of the ship, you will have to record all information related to operations in the computer registry, which is used to collect information for customer billing purposes, among other things.

You will therefore become the contact person for the progression of operations, tonnages reached and any other information that field managers need in order to carry out ship loading and unloading processes.

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Detailed profile


  • Job environment

    Offices in a port environment

  • Main tasks
    and responsibilities

    Monitor and control handling equipment using automated systems

  • Prerequisites

    Excellent organizational and stress management skills as well as a Secondary 5 diploma

  • Training

    No training necessary (on-the-job training)

  • Schedule


  • Salary range

    $40,000 to $60,000

  • Distinctive element

    As is the case with many careers in the marine industry, you can apply for the position of Control Room Technician without any prior knowledge of the field. In a port environment, there are plenty of challenges that arise on a daily basis, which is why you have to be prepared to be on-call, depending on the arrivals and departures of the ships!

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