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Transportation Logistics Technician
  • Transportation Logistics Technician

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Transportation Logistics Technician

Do you excel when it comes to logic ? Do you have good analytical skills and an excellent sense of organization ? Do you provide high-quality customer service? If you want to play a key role in the maritime sector, you should consider a position as Transportation Logistics Technician.


As a Transportation Logistics Technician, you will have to plan and organize activities related to moving goods and people. Your main responsibility will be to ensure that cargo gets from the point of origin to the destination on time and without problems.

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Detailed profile


  • Job environment

    Offices located in the port

  • Main tasks
    and responsibilities

    Oversee the scheduling and management of the movement of goods from point A to B

  • Prerequisites

    Well organized, detail oriented, resourceful and fluent in English

  • Training

    DCS in Transport Logistic techniques or an equivalent certification (IMQ or CEGEP)

  • Schedule

    Typical, can vary depending on ship schedules

  • Salary range

    $35,000 to $65,000 and more

  • Distinctive element

    As is the case with many maritime professions, your work will change on a day-to-day basis depending on the arrivals and departures of ships and other modes of transport. Your position could open doors to many other land-based career opportunities.

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