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Cargo inspector
  • Cargo inspector

Careers on Shore

Cargo inspector

Do you like to have a certain amount of control over operations? A career as Cargo Inspector might interest you!


As an Inspector, you will be responsible for inspecting the cargo carried on-board the ships. Depending on your speciality, you may be responsible for the visual observation of tanks, volume and temperature controls, sampling of goods or counting loaded and unloaded packages.

You will also need to prepare documentation, reports and manifests proving the quality and quality of the cargo. You will be required to communicate frequently with the port terminal, ship’s personnel and client to keep them informed on the progress of the inspection process.

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Detailed profile


  • Job environment

    Offices in a port environment and on-board dockside vessels

  • Main tasks
    and responsibilities

    Inspect the cargo carried by ships

  • Prerequisites

    Organized, comfortable making quick calculations and delivering precise work, as well as a Secondary 5 diploma

  • Training

    No training necessary (on-the-job-training)

  • Schedule

    Variable – Frequent schedule rotation

  • Salary range

    $50,000 to $80,000 and over

  • Distinctive element

    On-the-job-training will be offered in order to augment your knowledge in the field. Although fluency in English is essential, a DCS is Navigation or experience in transshipping goods by ship are both assets.

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